All Legend skins on the Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors Battle Pass

For Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors, the map update wasn’t so exciting, there were no new weapons, and many are obsessed with tear demotion in the ranked league. That said, there’s a place where most people don’t agree that this season’s Battle Pass legend skins are one of the best battle pass cosmetics we’ve seen. Even epic skins are really nice around this time. Let’s take a look.

Season 13: Xavier’s Battle Pass Legendary Skins

Like Season 12, Season 13 features two legendary skins, three epic skins, and a rare skin at the Battle Pass. The eight-skin lineup seems to have moved away from seasonal values. That said, these skins are amazing, especially the legendary Bloodhound skin, which is one of the best we’ve seen in the game so far.

This is the third battle pass with the epic skin for the Level 1 premium tier, securing their place as a potential value going forward. This is also Mad Maggie and Fuse’s first battle pass skins, fuse legend skin treatment and new legend, Newcastle also gets a beautiful skin.

Ferrals Future (Legendary Bloodhound Skin)

The future of Ferrell
Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Sir Fitzroy (Legendary Fuse Skin)

Sir Fitzroy
Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

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Firewall (Epic Newcastle Skin)

Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Lava Queen (Epic Mad Maggie Skin)

Lava Queen
Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Guilded Grappler (Epic Pathfinder Skin)

Guilded Grappler
Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Blue Dragon (rare crypto skin)

Blue Dragon
Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

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