All Mokoko Seed locations on Unknown Island in Lost Ark

In the lost ark, Unknown island A Adventure Island That you can only access at certain times of the day. You can find the island The sea of ​​heaven Within the continent Sushire And Fayton. On this island, you can find a total of three Mokoko seeds.

When discovered, these seeds are dark green in color but then a bright yellow / green bright. See where you can find three Mokoko seeds on an unknown island below.

Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

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Once you reach the island, you will fight against both The beast king of darkness Or King of beasts The light To get rewards. When you look for island owners, you will see these three Mokoko seeds buried between trees and leaves. We’ve fixed where you can find them on the map below

Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Once you discover these seeds, you’ll be close to finding all the 49 mococo seeds here. North Porican Sea.

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