All new monsters coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Subbreak is the upcoming expansion of the hugely popular Monster Hunter Rise game. Set for release later this year, the expansion will add new territory, armor, and of course, monster hunting. But what monsters are being added to Monster Hunter Rise: Subbreak?

Below we list all the added monsters, winning monsters from the common subspecies and even a new Elder Dragon.

Garagolom (Fang Beast)

Image via Capcom

A giant monster that uses fire and water to attack its enemies, Garagolom is one of the first monsters you’ll fight in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. But don’t think this monster would be a cakewalk.

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Lunagaron (Fand Wyvern)

Image via Capcom

A transformative and terrifying fan, Weaverne, Lunagaron has increased the pain of ice armor and poison. But it is their terrible claw attack that seems to be the most dangerous part about this monster.

Blood Orange Bishten (Fand Beast)

Image via Capcom

But like his regular cousin, Blood Orange does not bear fruit. Instead, it throws an exploding pine cone. So keep your toes against it, otherwise you will see yourself exploding and going back to the village.

Astalos (flying Wyvern)

Image via Capcom

Originally a fan-favorite from the Monster Hunter Generations, the Astalos is a lightning-powered flying wiverne that can apply stagnation, paralysis and lightning. Its highly aggressive type of attack makes it extremely dangerous.

Malgeno (Elder Dragon)

Image via Capcom

The earliest opponent of the expansion, Malenzo, seems to be a giant flying wivern but in fact it is a terrifying alder dragon that terrifies the village of Kamura.

Sergios (Flying Wyvern)

Image via Capcom

Sergios uses a sharp blade on his feet to attack enemies when it jumps out of the sky. Sergios also sheds bladescals that can cause predators to bleed when in contact. This monster can unravel its wings and scales in an angry shape to change its appearance and deal with additional damage.

Aurora Somnakant (Leviathan)

Image via Capcom

Aurora Somnakanta is an existing monster, a form of Somnakanta that specializes in frost attacks. This Somnakanta slides around on the ice, releasing cold air to freeze around it, which makes it easy for players to attack. Aurora Somnakant also breathed a sigh of relief to freeze the hunters on their track.

Magma almudron (Leviathan)

Image via Capcom

This variant of almudron improves in lava caves, taking on a magma-heated state using magma. Magma almudron is illuminated red and does more damage in this shape. Almudron uses magma in its heated tail to attack predators from a distance, giving it the option of shorter and closer range.

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