Apple is discontinuing the iPod Touch

Apple announces that the iPod Touch will now only be available ‘while supplies last’, confirming the end of the popular device.

Over the more than 20 years since Litter First releasing the iPod in October 2001, the creator of the Mac has become synonymous with the world of technology. The huge initial success of the iPod as one of the most popular portable music players upon its launch and later the advent of the iPhone acting as one of the first smartphones saw the already huge tech company grow into a global icon. Now, a recent Apple announcement revealed that one of the company’s most revolutionary products is soon to be out.


Apple’s iPod and iPhone have become iconic products in the tech industry and the company stands out as one of the world’s biggest smartphone makers, with Apple branding on tablets, accessories and even rumored to be developing a gaming console. While the iPhone attracted the attention of fans around the world, the iPod Touch served as a companion to the popular smartphone, sharing many of the same features. However, Apple officially confirmed today that following the current generation of devices, the tech giant would be officially discontinuing the iPod Touch.

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The announcement came Tuesday via Apple’s official Newsroom blog, stating that iPod Touch devices would only be available “while supplies last”, confirming the demise of the now nearly fifteen-year-old peripheral. The post takes time to reflect on the history of the iPod brand and how the portable platform “redefined how music is heard” with the early iPod function now available on many of Apple’s devices, both portable and home. iPod Touch products will continue to be available at Apple resellers and on the company’s official website until all remaining products are sold.

The discontinuation of the iPod Touch will end the product’s nearly fifteen-year run, with the first-generation devices released on September 5, 2007. The post also contains a small slideshow of many of the iPod’s iterations over the twenty-plus years. years old. of his life as he marketed many of Apple’s current products as replacements for the iPod Touch. The latest revision of the iPod Touch came in 2019 with the seventh generation of devices now marking the final version of the iconic handheld device.

The iPod Touch sunset comes as Apple is looking to the future with many new products and services planned for the next few years. 2022 has already seen the launch of new models of both the developer’s flagship devices, the iPhone and iPad, and recent rumors have suggested that the company may be looking at a hardware subscription service from Apple, allowing customers to switch between devices at higher prices. defined based on the device. While many longtime Apple fans will be saddened by the iPod Touch’s demise, the portable device will leave a lasting legacy in the tech world at large.

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