Bandai Namco says it’s still working on Dark Souls PC server issues

Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco offers a statement on the online functionality of FromSoftware’s action RPG trilogy on PC.

News related to FromSoftware’s hit action RPG Elden ring has dominated gaming-related headlines in recent months, and for good reason. Elden ring was the best-selling soulsborne game to date, passing over twelve million copies in a two-month period and introducing hundreds of thousands of new players to the soulslike genre. However, veteran FromSoftware fans will remember that just ahead Elden ringlaunch, the dark souls The trilogy’s PC servers were taken down amid concerns of a serious breach of privacy, and publisher Bandai Namco remained silent on the matter until very recently.


In a post sent to dark souls 3 subreddit, user Relevant-Heart-1751 shared a response he received from Bandai Namco after contacting the publisher’s support team and asking about the status of dark souls servers. The answer, while pleasant, is rather vague, and while it claims the development team is actively working to fix the issue, they don’t offer any sort of ETA, nor do they suggest how much progress has been made. the last few months.

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Servers were initially shut down in late January 2022 after a major issue with the PC version of dark souls 3 it was discovered that it would essentially allow those with the proper know-how to run software, steal information, and even potentially lock down the hardware of players found online. This is obviously a legitimate reason to temporarily suspend online support, and once it is discovered these issues could be replicated in the first two dark souls games, online connectivity for the entire trilogy has been withdrawn.

While it’s nice to know that Bandai Namco and FromSoftware took action before the issue could do any significant damage, some fans are eagerly awaiting the return of dark souls multiplayer functionality of the games. As pointed out by Tom4461, a respondent to the post by Relevant-Heart-1751, Elden ring has sparked a wave of interest in the older games among new FromSoftware fans, but many are holding off on trying them until their online functionality is restored. As hilarious and exciting as it can be to see new dark souls players fall into the traps of older games, it’s a shame that experienced players can’t be called up for assistance.

That’s not to say there’s no more fun to be had with Elden Ring. Most players take around fifty hours to beat Elden ring on a first playthrough, and that’s ignoring dozens and dozens of hours of optional content. The game will certainly hold fans’ attention for quite some time, but it would be nice to have a clearer idea of ​​when. dark souls games will once again be playable online on PC.

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