Best Minecraft 1.16.3 Mods (May 2022)

With the new addition of 1.16 to Minecraft, a lot of people are looking for mods out there! We are currently looking at the best modes available for Minecraft 1.16. Although the ones you are accustomed to have not been updated yet, there are still some good ones and we’ve included them to give you the best options for modifying the current build of your game. Be sure to read through Description Every mode! Certain libraries and mode loaders are required for them to function properly.

List all the best Minecraft 1.16 modes

Lots of biomass o ‘

Image via Forstroid

If you want to change your next Minecraft world, one of the best ways to do this is to install the Biomes O ‘Plenty mod. It will add a ton of beautiful new biomes that you can explore in the overworld and the Netherlands. Here are some examples of biomes included in the following modes:

  • Simple forest,
  • Grassland,
  • Alps
  • Cherry Blossom Groves
  • Seasonal forest
  • Pumpkin patch,
  • Maple wood,
  • Pasture
  • Lavender field
  • Grove
  • Tropical
  • Volcano
  • Crystal alloy
  • Undergrowth

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Pictures via bradyaidanc

It’s less of a mode and more of a total game changer! If you are really ready to build your equipment, you can add mechanisms as your next game change. It adds a ton of new things like seismic vibrators, cables, boilers, turbines and even lets you create a hydrogen-powered jetpack with which to fly! If you want a whole new experience to try in Minecraft, this mode will help you do it.


Photo via Vazkii

If you are tired of seeing the same old Minecraft UI, then Neat is a mode that will modernize it for you. Cleans up the neat old Minecraft UI and adds cleaner health bars to mobs. For a much less messy experience we recommend installing neatly.

Storage drawer

Pictures via Texelsor

Storage Drawer mode will give you a bunch of different options for storing many items that you can find and create in Minecraft. You can create storage with multiple different sizes and have a bunch of different drawers. Below are some examples of drawer sizes included in the mode:

  • Half-size 2×2: saves 4 stacks in each drawer.
  • Half-size 1×2: stores 8 stacks in each drawer.
  • Full-size 2×2: Stores 8 stacks in each drawer.
  • Full-size 1×2: Stores 16 stacks in each drawer.
  • Full-size 1×1: Stores 32 stacks per drawer.

Use these to make things really easy for you when you want to build the house you want.

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Decorative blocks

Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Decorative Block Mode will give you some wonderful new additions to the game that can really add a lot of detail to your builds. By installing this mode, players can access the following items in the game:

  • Bonfire
  • Thatch
  • Eooden palisades
  • Wooden beam block
  • Brazier
  • Chandeliers
  • Rocky dirt
  • Stone pillars
  • Big chain
  • Bar panel
  • Forged
  • Wooden seat
  • Wooden support


Image via Microsoft

If you are a hardcore survival player, you probably know the struggle to feed and keep yourself saturated. However, with AppleSkin mode, this process can be made much easier! Instead of just looking at your appetite, you will now see a visualization of your saturation level. It gives you more information about when and what to eat. When you choose a food item, it will also show how much it satisfies hunger and saturation!

Xaero’s minimap

Image via xaero96

If you don’t want to be bothered with Minecraft’s maps which can be a bit unpleasant, it’s a good idea to grab a minimap yourself. The Xaero map mode version is quite good, and puts the spirit of Minecraft into its design. I really like the map mode because I like to explore quite a few seeds and they make things a lot easier. If you want to go further, you can also get Xaero’s world map to give yourself a lot more to see.

Gravestone mode

Image by Henkelmax

Gravestone mode is a helpful addition to Minecraft, as it gives you a tombstone that will hold all the items you have after your death. Once installed, you will be able to locate your grave after death by following its location cordnet. When you find the tombstone, destroy it and it will throw away all your loot.

Rapid leaf loss (forced)

Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Fast leaf decay is a cooling mode that changes the rate of leaf decay. Instead of sticking around for a while, the leaves will now quickly disappear over time. With rapid leaf decay installed, it takes about five seconds for the leaves to evaporate from existence. Add this mode if you are annoyed at the previous rate so that the leaf decays.

Iron chest

Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Iron Chests is a very popular mode that adds the ability to create a ton of different chests of different qualities that have a whole lot more storage potential! You can make books with dirt, iron, gold, diamonds, obsidian and much more.

Just enaf item

Pictures through mezz

Just Enough Items is a very popular mode that lets you see the recipes and everything needed to create a specific item. It has a great search engine and even allows you to search for items from other modes!

Bridge to Macau

Image via sketch_macaw

Macaw’s Brdiges is a fairly simple mode, it adds a nice Nifty feature to the game. Although you’ll usually be stuck building your own bridge, this mode will let you create some pretty-looking blocks. These can be made of different types of wood, as well as using a fair amount of different stones available in the game. If you want a beautiful look and strike the feeling of your world, then you want to bridge some beautiful looks!

Minor helmet

Photo via ModdingLegacy

If you want to give yourself a bit of a pure mining feel then why not enter the cave with a mining helmet. Miners Helmet Minecraft adds a new helmet that can help you illuminate dark areas where you are exploring. If you don’t want to make it yourself, you can always look for some zombies that have the potential to grow into helmets as well as an iron pickaxe!

How to install mode

First, you need to have a PC version of Minecraft. Not only that, you need to have Java version of the game. If you have the Windows 10 version, there are some very limited add-ons that you can install, but they are nowhere near the modes that can be added to the Java version. Now that you have that square, you’ll want to download Forge, which has been updated to 1.16. If you do not have a good idea of โ€‹โ€‹what you are doing, be sure to download the installer version. It will automatically install it in your Minecraft folder and you will be able to launch the forced version from Minecraft Launcher.

Go ahead and launch Minecraft, now when you open Minecraft you will see a Mods selection on the first screen. Click on it then click on the Open Mods folder button in the lower left corner. You can now drop any of your downloaded modes into that folder and manage them in the game with Forge!

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