Elden Ring multiplayer guide: How co-op works and what items you need for multiplayer

Elden Ring doesn’t have to be a singleplayer adventure. It’s great as a solo journey, perhaps aided by an occasional helpful summon to get you through a particularly tough boss fight. But it can also be a game you play almost entirely multiplayer, and playing with – and against – other people transforms the experience. It can be silly, funnier, and a lot more tense with other human players on your side.

Fortunately, Elden Ring co-op is easier to set up than previous Souls games, though it’s still a little tricky. With a friend in your ear on Discord, the Midlands aren’t all that threatening. really sharing It’s taking care when it comes to splitting aggro. I promise there’s more to multiplayer in Elden Ring than all those white messages that say “hidden wall ahead” (no, there isn’t) or “Try the finger but the hole”. Yes, we understand.

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