Final Fantasy 14 Player Banned Mid-Raid for Using Third-Party Tools

Third-party add-ons are a popular tool in many MMORPGs, but getting caught with them in Final Fantasy 14 is a banned offense.

ONE final fantasy 14 The Twitch streamer was banned in the midst of the attack due to the use of third-party add-ons intended to help with gameplay. final fantasy 14The company’s strict policy regarding third-party add-ons makes it extremely dangerous for streamers who publicly broadcast their use.

final fantasy 14 is one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market, rivaling other industry giants such as world of warcraft, guild wars 2and The Elder Scrolls Online. A popular feature of MMORPGs is the many community-created add-ons that modify the game in certain ways, such as displaying more information about what’s going on, reorganizing the interface, or helping with the boss fight mechanics. While most add-ons are considered harmless and are just minor improvements to the gameplay experience, many argue that certain add-ons are cheats. final fantasy 14 has a somewhat unusual policy for the genre: all third-party add-ons are bannable offences.


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Of course, Square Enix maintains this policy, as Twitch streamer BagelGooseFF found out the hard way. While fighting the dragons Nidhogg and Hraesvelgr in the new Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate Raid, BagelGooseFF suddenly found himself teleported out of the attack and into a small empty room that resembled a prison cell. After a moment, a glowing figure teleported into the room, a GM coming to break the news of the ban. Visible on broadcast is the culprit: third-party countdown timers for party buffs and debuffs. A small and simple UI tweak, but still bannable.

Less than a day before that, final fantasy 14 issued a statement regarding its policy regarding third-party add-ons, emphasizing that it is indeed a banable offense and intends to clamp down on its use. Square Enix also stated that it intends to improve the game’s UI so that players don’t feel the need to dance around potential bans just to get a little more information while playing. Despite being bannable, add-ons are very popular in final fantasy 14, with a “don’t ask, don’t tell” culture around you. Since most add-ons are undetectable, consequences only arise when players advertise them or use damage meters to shame other players for their performance.

Since final fantasy 14 is cross-platform across consoles and PC, the availability of addons puts console gamers at a huge disadvantage. Aside from the fact that tools like damage meters are notorious for propagating toxic cultures in MMORPGs, Square Enix has good reason to take a tough stance against their use. However, it will take considerable effort to improve the game to a point where players don’t see the add-ons as worth the risk. Meanwhile, final fantasy 14 streamers who rely on third-party add-ons to handle difficult content might think twice about streaming.

final fantasy 14 is available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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