Final Fantasy XIV raiders are being sent to GM Jail in the middle of Dragonsong Ultimate Raid

Final Fantasy XIV riders who are taking part in Dragonsong Ultimate are being snatched from their expeditions and the game master is being kept in jail. The two most notable examples occurred on 9 May. The Japanese raider Hiroro was pulled from the expedition while streaming. Hours later, the North American invader, BagelGooseFF, was subjected to the same punishment as the assailant. Flow. Both were banned for several days.

The bans are apparently in response to warnings from Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV, yesterday (May 9). Yoshida warns and reaffirms that third-party add-ons and mods in Final Fantasy XIV were unauthorized in a post on the game’s official website.

Hero was using a quickloader, a third-party program, to replace the default launcher for Final Fantasy XIV. BagelGooseFF has already been seen using ACT, a DPS tracking plugin. Both of them were transferred to GM Jail, a location within the game where only one game master (admin) could teleport you. They were then banned for 10 days.

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Both add-ons are prohibited by the Final Fantasy XIV Terms of Service. But the ban and the response have provoked a backlash from the FFXIV community. Many are criticizing Ultimate Raiders for being punished, while Scripters and other add-ons are not being polished in Player vs. Player mode. Still others support these measures, saying that breaking any rules imposes a ban এমনকি even if the modes or add-ons do not affect anyone else.

But there seems to be an evil element behind the ban. Streaming Raiders has been mass-reported by jealous or overly enthusiastic players who are interested in seeing third-party add-ons implemented. It effectively sets up the rules as a tool to harass those you don’t like or don’t want to succeed. Overall, this position of add-ons in Final Fantasy XIV will be controversial.

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