Genshin Impact Video Shows How Unlucky Bennett Really Is

A fan-made video from Genshin Impact shows how one of fan-favorite characters, Bennett, struggles to finish a simple daily commission.

Genshin ImpactDaily commissions are some of the main activities for most players, and they provide various rewards, including precious Primogems that are used to place orders in the game’s banners. Each day, players are tasked with four different missions that they must complete before another set of commissions arrives.

The four quests are pretty easy to do, especially for players who have already maxed out their characters. However, an interesting post about the Genshin Impact The subreddit shows that players can occasionally struggle during these events, at least if they have Bennett on the field.


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Redditor rechimu20 shared an interesting video that proves that Bennett is the unluckiest adventurer in all of Teyvat. The video captured a sequence of unfortunate events that happened during a simple daily commission. The first part of the video shows Bennett fighting some Cryo Slimes. Enemies managed to freeze him right before he was about to attack them with the second part of this charged elemental ability – Passion Overload. The video creator quickly switched to Chongyun who managed to finish the job.

In the second part of the video, Bennett was struck by lightning as he arrived at the target destination. Even though he appeared safe when he was launched back onto one of the platforms, the landing somehow failed and Bennett unfortunately died from the lingering damage from the fall. However, the fact that he managed to finish one of Inazuma’s commissions despite all the misfortune presented in the video is quite symbolic for Bennett’s character as it proves that he always gets the job done.

The video attracted a lot of attention from the community and reached over 10,000 upvotes. Several responses in the comments section stated that they experienced similar events while playing as the fearless adventurer. They also claim that this location, known as Yashiori Island, is the most frustrating part of the entire Inazuma region due to its storm. However, players can really change the mood on the island, but they have to finish some tricky quest lines.

Despite being Teyvat’s unluckiest character, Bennett is still considered one of the strongest characters in history. Genshin Impact. His Elemental Burst, Fantastic Voyage, is probably one of, if not the best support skill in the game, as it provides constant healing and a significant damage bonus. Even as a four-star character that was added in 2020, Bennett has stood the test of time and still proves to be a great addition to almost any team composition.

Genshin Impact is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. A Switch version is currently in development.

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