Gotham Knights doesn’t add 4-player co-op after all

WB Games Montreal reveals that Gotham Knights will allow two-player multiplayer, correcting a rumor that had already been circulating among fans.

When WB Interactive first introduced Gotham Knights, the question on many fans’ minds was how many heroes could fight together at the same time and how many players could control them. Well, with a recent gameplay overview of Nightwing and Red Hood, that question has finally been fully answered much to the disappointment of some fans following a recent PlayStation Store rumor.

News emerged a few days ago about the listing of Gotham Knights on the PlayStation Store, claiming that the game would come with four-player co-op when played online. However, it seems that WB Games Montreal never intended this to be the amount of players able to participate in missions together, locally or online.


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As already fixed on the PlayStation Store, Gotham Knights will come with two-player co-op when playing online, rather than the four-player the previous listing had shown. Additionally, recent gameplay footage of the game includes words that imply that two-player has always been the intended way for fans to bond while online. All of this confirms that multiplayer will be limited to two players when online and one player when playing offline. However, this might be better if WB Montreal’s previous comments via interviews and gameplay reveals about online co-op are taken into account.

This two-player limit on multiplayer stays in line with previous comments made by the developer during interviews with IGN, GamesRadar, and other media outlets. According to WB Montreal, including four-player multiplayer would require building the experience around so many characters playing together at the same time. Essentially, keep Gotham Knights‘ designed for two players instead of four implies not only fiercer combat encounters, but also pushes the “dynamic duo” motif that is so popular in Batman-related media.

The decision not to allow four players to team up in Gotham Knights might be disappointing for some fans who saw all four playable characters and expected to get into combat with all of them. However, if allowing extra players in each encounter meant redesigning the entire game around the mechanics, solo and two-player gameplay could have suffered as a result. For now, players should hope that this limitation has allowed the developer to keep the remaining resources in place. Gotham Knights to keep as tight and consistent as other games made around Batman media. With development focused on what’s best for the game, this should lead to a better overall experience for fans.

Gotham Knights is scheduled to release on October 25th for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: IGN

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