How to catch Sunfish in Stardew Valley

In the Stardew Valley, the Fish Tank Bundle at the Community Center relies on sunfish. The downside of sunfish is that they don’t sell at high prices, so there’s no reason to catch them as well as use them in community centers. There are two ways to get them if you are looking for them.

The best place to find sunfish in Stardew Valley

First, you can catch them. You can only catch sunfish between 6am and 7pm on a sunny or windy day in spring and summer. If you use magic bets, time and season don’t matter. There is a river that runs through the town containing sunfish, but below, we’ve circled the best fishing spots on the officially launched Stardew Valley map.

Image through Chacklefish Games

Both of these spots are easy to reach, and you can start fishing there if you have a fishing rod.

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If you are not a fan of fishing, there is another less reliable way to find these fish. These can be purchased at Travelers cart for different prices. Sunfish has been found in trash cans, but it has been found to be a more random item than concrete. Also, if the villagers see you pick up from their garbage they will like you less.

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