How to make a Stasis Chamber in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that has much deeper mechanics than many players imagine. With unique construction, you do everything from self-harvesting dirt to working teleporters. A stasis chamber is interesting because it will allow you to instantly teleport home. This is especially helpful when you have rare materials.

Here’s how to make a stasis chamber in Minecraft. Note that the formula below works for this Java Version

  • Make that a hole Eight The block is deep.
  • Place Soul Sun.d below the hole.
  • Fill the hole with Water.
  • Swimming a Kelp Soul sand plant.
  • Placement a Trap door On the hole with a joint Daylight sensor.
  • Throw in a Ender Pearl.

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Due to the door closing Sunset, It will activate Ender Pearl and teleport you back to the base. Keep track of time to see how close you are to teleporting at home, so you don’t leave any items. It is also important to remember that if a friend is in camp, they can manually activate the device.

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