Humble Store Spring Sale offers deep discounts on PC games

Steam may be the biggest digital distributor of PC games, but players don’t always have to buy directly from the store. Humble Pack allows players to purchase codes for Steam, GOG and other platforms at flexible pricing, with some or all of the proceeds donated to charitable causes.

The Humble Bundle is currently offering a discount, allowing PC gamers to purchase a variety of titles at over 90% off in some cases. The sale runs through May 24 and features games from publishers like Capcom, CD Projekt Red, Square Enix, Paradox Interactive, and more.


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Humble’s Spring Sale kicks off today, May 10th, and includes games from a wide variety of genres and styles. Discounts range from a relatively modest 20% to over 90% on select items. The most heavily discounted product is the three-game Whale Rock bundle with a whopping 97% off. This pack includes the indie titles we are the dwarves, deployment, developmentand Timelock VR. Other notable offers include 70% to 80% off the entire Wizard series, with CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 on sale with 50% discount.

These aren’t the only RPGs humble shoppers can buy at a discount right now. Valheim, Dying Light 2and Devolver Digital’s surreal action RPG weird west are all 20% off. JRPG Tales of Emergence is 40% off, with Humble offering 45% to 55% off versions of Yakuza: Like a Dragon. desert 3, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Kingdoms of Amalurand undungeon all with 60% to 90% off.

Action fans and shooters can get in on the action too, with many games priced from 75% to 90% off. Notable deals in these genres include 50% off Destiny: Eternal, Deep Rock Galacticand killer 3. Meanwhile, Exodus subway and super hot are 60% off, with Humble offering 75% off Subway 2033, Metro: Last Lightand TO FEAR. Players can also pick up games like BioShock Collection, Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Humanity Divided, Front of house: the revolutionand Seriously Sam 3 80% to 90% off.

Strategy fans and sims weren’t left out either. Examples include Rimworld, Stellaris, Crusader Kings 3, Expeditions: Rome, and Battle Brothers between 20% and 50% off. Meanwhile, civilization 6 and company of heroes 2 are 81% and 75% off. Furthermore, Zoological Planet and colon hospital are 75% off, with Ace Combat 7 reduced by 84%. Sports fans can also pick up NBA 2K22 84% off, with racing game shipwreck being 60% discount.

The games above are just a few notable examples among the many titles currently on sale on the Humble Bundle Store. Again, these deals last until May 24th, so PC gamers have about two weeks to peruse the Store selection.

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Source: Humble Bundle Store

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