Last Spartan Standing Isn’t Halo’s Battle Royale, But It Probably Should Be

Since the announcement of Halo Infinite, there have been rumors of a Halo battle royale. This week, Season 2 of Halo Infinite brought a new story chapter, two new maps, and Last Spartan Standing – a free-for-all elimination mode that is the closest 343 has come to parachuting 100 Spartans into a island.

Cards on the table. I don’t think Halo Infinite needs a battle royale. Despite being the terminal that likes Apex on the team, I don’t even How battle royale, jumping straight from PUBG and Fortnite. Halo is its own kind of shooter, with its own unique rhythms and flows, an arena shooter built from a wonderfully fun sandbox of weapons, vehicles, and gear.

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