Major EVE Online Update Makes Radical Changes

The Siege Green update for EVE Online is available with a strong focus on reducing ship manufacturing costs and reducing the strength of the Upwell Structure.

EVE OnlineThe much-anticipated Siege Green update has arrived, bringing a significant number of changes and improvements. Diligent cappers should find it easier to build many of the ships in the game thanks to a reduction in material costs, especially for larger ship types such as EVE Onlinenotoriously expensive dreadnoughts.

Since entering the market in 2003, EVE Online It has been constantly updated and expanded over the years. Developed and published by Icelandic company CCP Games, the space science fiction MMORPG regularly receives updates on its balance, visual quality, user interface, new player experience and gameplay. EVE Online is almost entirely player-governed, with everything from gathering resources to manufacturing entire fleets being carried out by player-operated corporations, so whenever an update affects the gaming industry, the impact is felt across the board. EVE Onlineuniverse of.


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Its latest update, titled Siege Green, has a strong focus on rebalancing the shipbuilding industry, among other things. Industrial components used to manufacture larger ships such as battleships, capitals and supercapitals have seen their costs and construction times substantially reduced, making these powerful ships more readily available. In order to make offense and defense more engaging, player-owned Upwell structures are now significantly more vulnerable. This combination of faster, cheaper ship building and more vulnerable structures should result in more frequent and interesting siege engagements. Capsuleers particularly invested in the gaming industry side may want to break Excel spreadsheets and discover their new production needs.

In addition to the industry overhaul and structure changes, many other tweaks and fixes were implemented. The UI saw fixes in many areas such as misplaced tooltips and broken opacity. Visually, ship boosters should look better on low graphics settings and ship models now load faster, helping to smooth out the frame rate when many ships are loading simultaneously. The game’s intro movie should no longer stutter when it starts playing, a small but welcome boost to the game’s initial presentation. In addition, wrappers using the macOS client now also have access to Skillplans.

With a slew of changes to manufacturing costs, the Siege Green update is likely to have some serious implications for the game’s player-operated economy. Miners, refiners, shippers, manufacturers and pilots are all affected by adjustments to the industrial economy and it may take some time for the full effects of the update to be realized. It’s a good sign for EVE Online that CCP is still looking for ways to positively impact their players with each new update, whether that’s economic tweaks or making large parts of the game free-to-play to appeal to a new generation of budding cappers.

EVE Online is available on PC.

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