Nvidia and AMD prices keep dropping, especially in parts of Europe

There’s a lot going on in the world of graphics cards these days. With Intel possibly delaying its Arc desktop hardware, and companies like Nvidia and OMG looking to jump to the next generation in a few months, the final stages of 2022 could be interesting for gamers and PC enthusiasts alike. However, since the RDNA 2 and Ampere were released in 2020, it has been a tough time, given the technology shortfall and the huge increase in prices. Fortunately, costs have been falling and it seems that this trend is continuing.


According to a recent analysis by the German website 3DCenter, referenced by Tom’s Hardware, prices for AMD and Nvidia products have dropped, with some now around 10% above their MSRP. The original report also shows just how much more expensive graphics cards were just a few months ago, with this generation hardware from both tech giants being more than 80% higher than their respective retail values ​​last December.

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There’s still some way to go, of course, but with Nvidia’s RTX 3090 being just 6% off the MSRP, the continuation of that decline should be good news for those hoping for prices to level off. The report goes on to say that as attractive as that prospect is, some high-end products are still on average around 22% above recommended retail prices. That said, it still shows that progress is being made, and while this might refer to retailers in places like Germany, it’s natural to assume that this could be carried over to other countries.

This is also in line with another recent review that says graphics card prices will continue to drop and eventually should be at their MSRPs. There’s no telling when that will be, although it could be in the next couple of months, so some potential buyers might be happier waiting a little longer to see how low they drop. There is, unfortunately, a downside to all of this, and that is the ongoing shortfall that plagues the tech and gaming landscape.

With Intel’s CEO saying the chip shortage could continue into 2024, there could still be misery ahead for anyone wanting a new Nvidia. OMG, or Intel graphics card next year. Hopefully the outlook isn’t as bleak as you’d expect, but this generation has been tough enough and unless people are prepared to pay way above the odds for hardware, many haven’t been able to acquire much since late 2020.

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Source: 3DCenter, Tom’s Hardware

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