Pokemon fan creates calming video of Chimecho

A Pokémon fan shares a calming and beautiful animation of a chimecho that is hanging in the woods slowly rocking back and forth.

Many fans created animations based on the pokemon Series. The videos range from cute and funny Pokémon animations to pieces that show aspects of the game’s world.

One Pokemon in particular that gets a lot of love is Chimecho. The Psychic Type was first introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and evolves from Chingling when leveled with high friendship at night. The pocket monster made several appearances throughout the pokemon anime, with Team Rocket’s James owning one in the series for some time. The Pokémon inspired a lot of fan art, with one artist making an animation of Chimecho.


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A redditor who goes by the name GoddessCalamity shared a clip they made of a Chimecho hanging in the woods. The pokemon the animation is relaxing as the Chimecho slowly rocks back and forth. The Pokémon was realistically animated, with its body emitting an impressive glow and its fabric looking beautifully stitched. The only sound in the video is the chime Chimecho makes as his body moves slowly. The video is short, but it makes good ambient sound.

GoddessCalamity’s Chimecho animation has won over many fans. Many love the calming nature of the animation, with fans speaking of their love for Pokémon. Many ask for an extended version of GoddessCalamity’s work, mentioning that they would like a version that would play for hours. Some claim they now want a real Chimecho chime, saying they would buy one if it existed. Some fans also praised the artist on how adorable the pocket monster is, with several commentators appreciating the realistic look GoddessCalamity employed. Pokémon animation is pretty cute, and watching it unfold is a good way to relax.

GoddessCalamity is not alone in creating realistic animations based on the pokemon world. An artist called Revival has created a small piece that shows a Poké Ball being created to capture Pokémon. In the video, mechanical arms place the ball pieces on a stand, including the iconic red top and white button in the middle. A large buffer then descends and polishes the Poké Ball to a glossy finish, with one hand entering the screen and catching the ball. A Great Ball and Ultra Ball can also be seen in the background of the animation, helping to form the main trio of Balls that Trainers use to catch Pokémon. The works of GoddessCalamity and Revival are short, but also incredibly satisfying.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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