Pokemon fan designs ghost version of Gorebyss

A Pokemon fan takes Gorebyss’s original design and adds a Ghost typing to create an interesting new regional shape.

There are hundreds of different Pokémon in the franchise and these fall into one or more different types. Since the early days of the video game franchise, pokemon fans took these original designs and added their own twist. This was done through fusions, changes to a Pokémon’s type, and fan-made regional forms. In the last example of the last two, a pokemon fan created a regional form and Gorebyss typed it in again.

The pokemon franchise has seen eight generations so far with over 900 different Pokémon players can find and catch. Gorebyss was introduced in the third generation of pokemon and is a type of water that evolves from Clamperl.


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This new Gorebyss comes from Reddit user El-psy-congroo-01, and it’s a creepy look. This new version retains the shape of the original design, but with an interesting new skeletal flare. El-psy-congroo-01 adds a Ghost-type to this Pokémon and the resulting design is now transparent with its skeletal structure perfectly visible. Normally, this Pokémon is a bright pink, but it now has a light pink aura on its body and a white skull on its head. The normally simple fins associated with the Gorebyss are now much more elaborate and a great purple color. Additionally, El-psy-congroo-01 also included a bright version of this fan-created regional form, and it is a mix of a light blue body and dark blue fins.

Gorebyss is a relatively simple fish Pokemon and this redesign adds a great new flavor as well as opening up Ghost-type moves for this Pokemon. Adding a Ghost-type puts it in a much more interesting category that only features a handful of other Pokémon, including Frillish and Jellicent. The creator mentions that this could work as a regional form rather than a replacement.

There are 18 total official types of Pokémon and currently 16 unused dual types as of pokemonof the eighth generation. This leaves a lot of room for exploration in the next few Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and I hope fans see more of that creativity. Maybe in this list there is a combination that can break the best combination of types into pokemon.

Then again, if after eight generations a double typing hasn’t been used, maybe a design just doesn’t make sense. For example, there hasn’t been a dual-type Rock and Ghost Pokemon yet and that’s most likely because they’re strict opposites. Regardless of what comes from the next generation, this pokemon fan created a new look for Gorebyss that fans should be able to appreciate.

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