Raven Software Management sent anti-union email ahead of employee vote

The Call of Duty developer’s management team is sending out anti-union messages before a crucial employee votes on the company’s future.

Raven Software, one of the development teams in charge of producing call to action content under Activision Blizzard umbrella, had a rough few months. After it became clear that the company’s quality assurance team is being treated extremely poorly by management, news of unionization emerged, and the company subsequently got into a dispute with its editor over what the future held for it.

Despite Activision Blizzard’s best efforts, Raven Software’s QA team is now in the midst of a unionization vote held by the National Labor Relations Board, which the company has contacted. According to the latest information from staff at Raven, however, management is still actively trying to sow doubt about these efforts through ongoing anti-union messaging.


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After it became clear that Raven Software QA employees are officially unionizing, Activision Blizzard appears to have doubled down on its anti-union correspondence. The developers of Anonymous Raven told the Washington Post that the company’s management has been sending messages that suggest unionized employees would be ignored when it comes to benefits and promotions, telling them to “vote no” when voting.

Generally, Raven Software’s management seems to share this sentiment with its counterpart at Activision Blizzard, where the Activision vice president recently posted anti-union messages on the company’s official Slack channel. The union quality control team described the administration’s attempt to muddy the waters as “disappointing and ineffective” and claims to have voted in the affirmative in the NLRB vote, which is due to end on May 20 with a live video conference documenting the count.

It’s worth remembering that the NLRB was only contacted after Activision Blizzard refused to recognize Raven’s QA syndication. Speaking to the Washington Post, staff at Raven said that the very fact that Activision worked so hard to stop attempts at unionization is proof that a union was needed in the first place. Meanwhile, Activision Blizzard claims that a direct relationship with individual team members would be the “best way to achieve individual and company goals.”

Of course, Activision Blizzard has a long history of promoting anti-union messages. In late 2021, an Activision executive sent an anti-union email to employees, which appears to have correctly assessed the situation the company would find itself in just a few months later. Still, despite Activision Blizzard’s attempts to stop Raven Software from unionizing, everything seems to point towards the vote being affirmative in the end.

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Source: Washington Post

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