Rift Stalker Legendary Wraith skin and Sanguine Bundle details Apex Legends

Usually when the legendary skins are launched at Apex Legends, it’s for an event, or a new character, or a battle pass, but every now and then, something really cool pops up somewhere. The Sanguine Bundle is technically part of the store featuring the release of Season 13: Saviors, but it was definitely an unexpected addition. The new Wraith leather is certainly one of the best he has ever received. Let’s take a look at that skin along with everything else in the Sanguine Bundle.

Sanguine Bundle (2500 Apex Coin)

This bundle contains two legendary cosmetics: a legendary skin and a weapon skin, as well as an epic weapon skin. Items are all new in the game, do not return cosmetics. The Gilded Fang Skin matches the Pathfinder Epic Skin of the Season 13 Battle Pass.

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Rift Stalker (Legendary Wet Skin)

Rift Stalker
Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Guilded Fang (Legendary R-99 skin)

Guilded Fang
Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Strike Solo (Epic Weapon Charm)

Strike solo
Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

Currently, these items are only available through the Sanguine Bundle, and cannot be purchased separately. The Sanguine Bundle is available from May 10 to May 31.

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