Riot Sues Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Maker For Reasons You Can Probably Guess

League of Legends studio Riot Games is suing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developer Shanghai Moonton Technology Company, saying the studio is engaged in a “deliberate and sustained campaign to seize Riot’s highly valuable rights in the mobile video game.” League of Legends: Wild Rift.”

The lawsuit, available in full from Polygon, is actually rooted in a five-year beef between Riot and Moonton over Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and another game called Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA. In that lawsuit, Riot said that Moonton “developed and distributed a succession of mobile games designed to trade in Riot’s well-known and valuable intellectual property” and that it took aggressive steps to camouflage its illegal activity: after Riot notified Google about the 5v5 MOBA, for example, Moonton removed it from the Google Play Store and immediately released a new game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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