Salt and Sacrifice: Crime Items Guide

Before a player begins exploring the world Salt and sacrifice, They must first create a character. It’s a multistep process, and one of the things that indie video game fans need to determine during this time is their character’s guilt. In every crime Salt and sacrifice There is a corresponding item, which players will have access to after starting the game, and this guide will detail what those items are.

Note that when the crime item Similar to Kipsack in Alden Ring And gifts Dark SoulsA crime sorting process Salt and sacrifice A little more complicated. This complication is due to the fact that some of the offenses of a character will have the effect of playing some role, although the full amount of them is not currently known, players need to think more deeply about their choice.

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Salt and Boli: Crime Items

Crime Item Description
Alchemy Phlogiston Decoction x3 Can be thrown to apply a combustible liquid that damages a surface fire.
Arson Fire bomb x5 Can be thrown to create an explosion.
Blasphemy The incense stick of harmony Causes animals to attack hostile attackers in multiplayer.
Brigandry Cutthroat’s Dagger A charm that enhances maximum endurance.
Drunkenness Cracked Wineskin x5 Can be consumed.
Fraud Fake documents An original item. A forged deed of ownership of a common land in Alterstone Kingdom Anyone who buys this fake document is in for a rude surprise.
Apostasy Crine tablets An original item. A tablet of the crane, the judge God. The first and seventh acts of the Seven Hercules are to place one’s foot on the tablet, symbolizing that one’s actions begin and end according to one’s will, not the will of the gods.
Debauchery Hair lock An original item. A lock of hair, tied together as a gift.
Smuggling Signal lantern An original item. প A brass signal lamp with a sturdy base and strong handle It relies on small bursts of flame and concentrated quicklime to illuminate the lens, allowing sailors to communicate from a great distance.
sumptuousness The ring A charm.
Interest Large bag of silver 1,000 Silver Grant.
Wanderer Wooden doll An original item. An ordinary wooden doll.

Salt and Boli: The best crime

There are a number of ways that fans can go about choosing a crime and they are all effective. The first approach is to emphasize role-playing and pick a crime that is consistent with the player’s approach to their character. While this may not lead to the strongest starting item, it will promote immersion, establishing a suitable backstory for the identified searcher. Salt and sacrifice.

If a fan does not have a specific Salt and sacrifice Character in mind, then they may just want to pick a crime that provides an original item that seems interesting to them. In fact, these items are intriguing, as they can be used to perform unique actions throughout the game and are sanctioned by fraud, heresy, lewdness, smuggling, and travel crimes.

Alternatively, players can focus all their attention on receiving a starting item with obvious gameplay effects. Fire, brigandry, and interest are all grant items that can be read in that section, and Spirit– Fans who choose them will start the game with an advantage. That said, this advantage may not have much impact in the long run, and players may be better served by adopting one of the other methods of crime selection.

Salt and sacrifice Available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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