Salt and Sacrifice: How to Play Co-Op

Salt and sacrifice Both local and online cooperatives support the game, allowing players to join friends and strangers alike. Although the title is not particularly difficult to get involved with the associate game, it is not explained very thoroughly in the game. As such, this guide is intended to describe in detail how to co-op-in Salt and sacrificeAnd the players who read it will learn how to access the options available to them.

Salt and Sacrifice: How to play local co-op

To start a local co-op session, players must connect a second input device and navigate to the game’s main menu. From here, Spirit-As fans need to press a button on the second input device to display a menu on the right side of the screen. This menu will allow players to create or load a second character, and co-op play can begin when this is done.

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Salt and leave: How to play online co-op (friend)

The first step in accessing online co-op play with a friend is to complete the tutorial and get to the game’s hub area, Pardoner’s Vale. Below this area, players will face an NPC named Runereader Diedela, and to his right is a support board. Here is a series of images that illustrate a path from where Salt and sacrifice The character is loaded primarily on the relevant board in Pardoner’s Vale:

On the collaboration board, players will have the option to host or join a co-op session. To host a session, indie video game fans should use the board’s runes to create a password, select “host” and then pass that password on to a friend. And to join the session, the second player has to input the run password on the cooperation board and click “Join”.

Salt and Sacrifice: How to Play Online Co-op (Random)


To team up with a random player, fans must get and use pale candles. This item is available in Ashbourne Village, the first area of ​​the game, and players must proceed to a place where they can pass through the gate to the right of the span location. After passing through that gate, the fans have to get down with the wooden scaffolding and use the door in the bottom-left corner, which opens with a mage heart.

After reaching the other side of that door, players must make their way down and use the first exit on the left to reach Gremos Maire. Using a grappling hook to swing left in this area will eventually lead players to an NPC who will return Salt and sacrificeIts a forgiving valley. More specifically, he will live in the building just below the cat in the hub area, and fans should talk to him there to get the pale candles.


To host a co-op session with a random player, fans must use a giltless shard to remove spelling marks. These items are often discarded by enemies who are summoned by Mages, and Salt and sacrificeIts detectives may encounter them in many other places as well.

After removing the spellmark, players must use the Golden Candle, another item found in the village of Ashbourne. To collect this item, fans should make their way to the left from the spawn point and enter the first cave they encounter. Salt and sacrifice Players will then find themselves in the root-seal cavern, and they must go down and find an exit in the middle of the right. There is a book just before departure, and inside it is a gold candle.

Salt and Sacrifice: How to Play 3-Player Co-op

Salt and sacrifice There is a three-player co-op, although the experience of the third player will be somewhat limited. That said, some fans will still be interested in adding a third to their party and here’s a walkthrough on how to do it:

  1. Set up a co-op session with a friend using the methods described above.
  2. Ask three players, including one who is not currently in the session, to go to the area of ​​interest.
  3. Open the pause menu for all three players and access the Network tab in Settings.
  4. Ask all three players to enter the same network password.
  5. Make sure the host’s spelling is not marked and ask them to use the Golden Candle.
  6. Ask the third player to use a pale candle.

Salt and sacrifice Available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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