Spider-Man 2 Venom Mo Cap could already be happening

Venom’s voice actor for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 teases the current state of the game’s development thanks to a new post on social media.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the most anticipated games currently in production at Insomniac Games and coming exclusively to PS5. Fans awaiting news about the game should be pleased to know that the development of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 seems to be in full swing. A recent tweet from Venom voice actor Tony Todd suggests that the game is in the motion capture production stage.

Insomniac Games revealed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase in September 2021. The game’s brief reveal trailer showed Peter Parker and Miles Morales teaming up once again on the streets of New York City before revealing Venom, voiced by horror icon Tony Todd. Since its reveal, news surrounding the game has been virtually non-existent, aside from rumors, speculation, and a handful of questionable leaks. Many fans hope to catch another glimpse of spiderman 2 as Sony and Insomniac gear up for the gaming industry’s marketing season this summer.


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In a Twitter post Monday morning, Todd stated that he was embarking on some motion capture work earlier in the day. Currently, the actor’s only video game project is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, with the actor stating that the game is “massive”. Fans quickly surmised that Monday’s motion capture work is for Marvel’s upcoming Insomniac superhero adventure and promptly responded with several images and words of encouragement for Todd’s upcoming Venom portrayal. Todd appears to be confirming his feelings, as the actor liked and retweeted several comments about Venom in his original post.

Given away Marvel’s Spider-Man 2In the planned release year of 2023, it would make sense for the motion capture sessions to be underway in the middle of 2022, if it wasn’t already wrapping up. Last year, Nadji Jeter, the voice actor who plays Miles Morales in the original Spider man and its spin-off game, posted an image of himself in mocap gear and deleted it soon after. Assuming that both Todd and Jeter are performing motion capture sessions for spiderman 2 Over the past year, fans can conclude that Insomniac’s next big game is reaching its next stage of production.

Despite several obstacles in recent years, Insomniac Games has proven itself to be a powerhouse in game development. Since 2018 the studio has released Marvel’s Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Miles Moralesand Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and announced not only the continuation of Marvel’s Spider-Man but also a Wolverine game in a single showcase. With how efficiently Insomniac works, it might not be long before the mocap work is done and fans can see more than Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to be released in 2023 for PS5.

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