Student gives teacher an Xbox Gift Card for Teacher Appreciation Week

A high school student warms his teacher’s heart by giving him an Xbox Gift Card for Teacher Appreciation Week, complete with a sweet note.

from the first Xbox was released in 2001, Microsoft has been very successful in its consoles, games and peripherals. Xbox has become a household name and Xbox Series X/S sales figures are currently pretty close to the PS5. One thing that has helped Microsoft with its profits is its use of gift cards that can be used in the console’s digital storefront, and one teacher received one of these cards for Teacher Appreciation Week.


Teacher Appreciation Week takes place throughout the school year for students to do something to tell teachers they are grateful for the hard work they put into their jobs. The exact days the celebration falls depends on the year and school involved. This year, the week started on Monday, May 2nd and ended on Friday, May 6th.

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A high school student in California decided to give his teacher a $20 Xbox gift card for the occasion. The card even came with a pretty sweet note, thanking the teacher for having fun with the classes. The teacher shared a photo of the card and letter on Reddit, saying that gestures from his students like this are what make him want to be “the best teacher.” [he] it might be for them.”

The kind gestures don’t stop with just this student, as another Xbox fan can be found in the comments of the teacher’s post, warning him not to redeem his gift card just yet due to the recent Xbox Live outages. Although the situation has passed, it’s still nice to see a stranger making sure that another doesn’t lose their well-deserved gift due to a simple service failure.

Other users are also speaking out about the concern that the teacher could be fired because of the gift, which is a fair concern considering that a teacher was recently fired for playing games. Fortnite with your students. Fortunately, the teacher with the Xbox gift card doesn’t seem worried about getting in trouble and is eager to tell the student what he bought with the card before the end of the school year.

Regardless, the story is sure to warm the hearts of many Xbox fans. The student probably got the idea from the teacher talking to them about video games during class. As for what the professor is going to spend the money on, he talked about waiting for a good sale to get a best-selling game like Elden ring for him Xbox X series.

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