Sunbreak reveals two new monster subspecies and the return of Seregios

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak reveals new expansion monsters such as the return of Seregios and new subspecies for Somnacanth and Almudron.

Capcom’s release date Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak just over a month to go. Recently completing the last Dawn digital event, the action RPG title’s development team revealed a new trailer, more information about new gameplay features and additions to the monster lineup. Three new monsters are being added to the big expansion, and that includes the return of Seregios plus two new subspecies of Somnacanth and Almudron.


While the May 2022 digital event did not announce a new demo for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, many interesting features were still shared by developers. This includes being able to bring in notable NPCs from Kamura Village and Elgado to complete quests with them, being able to transition between in-game Switch Skills, and more gameplay snippets of the fight between the Malzeno flagship. While the hunter community likely appreciated all these new details and updates, most were probably happy that Capcom revealed three new monsters for the game. Dawn expansion.

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Around the one and a half minute mark of the live stream, the new monsters for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak were revealed when the game’s new trailer was shown. This includes Seregios, the flagship monster of the 3DS title Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The footage also revealed several snippets of the fight with the returning monster, likely giving hunters who played the previous title flashbacks to their own notable clashes with the creature. Later, the development team went into a little more detail about the monster, which includes its shape-shifting when enraged.

two new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak subspecies were also revealed during the live stream event, the Aurora Somnacanth and the Magma Almudron. Somnacanth’s original form features attacks that cause players to fall asleep, while Rise of the Monster HunterAlmudron’s affects hunters with water stain and bleed. According to the developers, Aurora Somnacanth will now have iceblight attacks, and Magma Almudron will utilize magma to aggressively attack players trying to hunt it.

With the previous announcements of the monster list of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the community will have a total of nine new creatures to fight. Including those in the base game, the community will have a choice of over 40 monsters to hunt. With more than a month to go until the official launch, Capcom still has a little more time to ramp up the lineup even further to really make this expansion massive.

Rise of the Monster Hunter is now available for PC and Switch, and Dawn will be released on June 30th.

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