Super Mario Bros. Speedrunner sets new one-handed world record

There are many ways for players to challenge themselves as they play, and a speedrunner finishes Super Mario Bros. using only one hand.

In the early days of games, there were Super Mario Bros. And while it wasn’t the first release to feature the titular plumber, its success cannot be understated, turning Nintendo into a household name in the industry and helping to sustain a giant franchise that continues to this day. As a video game that xennials loved when they were kids, the 1985 NES title is synonymous with what it meant to be a gamer back in the day. Many still play the retro release, but after so many years, there are some who are experimenting with new methods.


In a video uploaded to YouTube, user Jeremy3979 managed to get to the end of the original Super Mario Bros. in record time, finishing at 4:57. The most amazing thing about this speedrun, however, is that they managed to do it using just one hand. Part of the footage is devoted to showing them placing just one hand on the NES controller, using their thumb to press the D-pad and the other fingers to activate the jump button.

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At the time of writing, the video has not yet been added to, but users in the comments have congratulated the runner for setting a new speedrunning world record. Super Mario Bros. One person asked if there was a bug while running. In the final part, Mario can be seen jumping on Bowser, and it appears that one of the axes goes through the player character. However, this could be a bug or an inconsistent hitbox. Either way, the race itself is pretty impressive, and completing it in under five minutes using just one hand is quite a feat for any player.

With so many video games players can learn to speed up, there is a growing community of fans who are dedicated to beating their favorite games at lightning speed. Such an act takes hundreds of hours of practice. And while newer games like Elden ring are getting the speedrun treatment, Jeremy3979’s video shows that there are so many who are willing to return to the classics.

The Mario franchise is a global phenomenon, with a new Super Mario Bros. film currently in development, although delayed until next year. With the launch of the NES now 37 years old, there’s been plenty of time for gamers to perfect their runs and break world records. It remains to be seen if anyone will come and take down Jeremy3979’s one-handed attempt from the current number one spot.

The original Super Mario Bros. was released in 1985 for the NES.

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