World of Warcraft Fan Takes Ji Firepaw With Them Through Shadowlands

Ji Firepaw follows a World of Warcraft fan from the Wandering Isle’s Pandaren start zone across the Shadowlands thanks to a glitch.

Blizzard Entertainment recently revealed its next world of warcraft expansion dragonflightbut fans of the ongoing MMO continue to explore shadowlands as they anticipate its release. One world of warcraft fan confirmed that they were able to bring Ji Firepaw with them through the shadowlands content thanks to a glitch.

Reddit user ElderSchnelle explained a few days ago how they managed to bring Ji Firepaw with them for much of the time. world of warcraft since the launch of Mists of Pandaria, which used the Recruit a Friend system. Blizzard added Recruit a Friend to the game several years ago, but some of the free rewards for bringing in another player are some potential flaws. While ElderSchnelle may have fixed this glitch with a ticket, the player decided to keep Ji Firepaw with them for their leveling experience.


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According to Elder Schnelle, the world of warcraft fan brought Ji Firepaw from the Wandering Isle to Orgrimmar during Mists of Pandaria using the “Teleport to Friend” skill from the old Recruit a Friend program. This creates an unintended issue where Ji Firepaw is able to reach Azeroth earlier than it should, causing the character to perpetually follow the player and their referred friend. ElderSchnelle confirmed that this is the case throughout shadowlands‘ which offers six new zones, Torghast: Tower of the Damned, raids, dungeons and more.

Ji Firepaw eventually arrives in Orgrimmar in world of warcraft when fans play through the Pandaren campaign and make the final choice between Alliance and Horde. The majority world of warcraft players will find Ji Firepaw at the Orgrimmar Embassy, โ€‹โ€‹but because of a glitch that affects their gameplay, ElderSchnelle is unable to shake the NPC. ElderSchnelle’s screenshot showing the strange Ji Firepaw also shows a side quest “The Call for Allies”, which revolves around allied races added to the game since Mists of Pandaria was released, suggesting that there are two Ji Firepaws in their client due to the glitch.

While ElderSchnelle does not fully explain the process that allowed them to keep Ji Firepaw indefinitely, it is likely that their friend was in the Horde capital when the player teleported to them during a mission where Ji Firepaw is already following the Pandaren around Wandering Island. As ElderSchnelle’s screenshot shows his active quests, it is unlikely that the following NPC is linked to a quest in his log and the failure could have to do with something else related to the Pandaren’s splash zone. Since ElderSchnelle posted his Ji Firepaw story, many world of warcraft fans lamented that the character doesn’t follow them like he does ElderSchnelle.

world of warcraft is now available for Mac and PC.

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