13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim – How to Feed the Cat in Iori Fuyusaka’s Story

One of 13 Sentinels: Tactical puzzles on the Aegis Rim have nothing to do with time travel or other science-fiction concepts; Instead, it’s simply how to feed a cat.

13 Sentinel: Aegis Rim There is a strange relationship with difficulty. There are difficulties with the game’s settings, but they only affect the combat-centric destruction mode, which makes up about one-third of the game. In the case of story-based remembrance mode and encyclopedic analysis mode, the main source of difficulty is simply maintaining it. 13 Sentinels‘Complex nonlinear story.

However, there are several exceptions: the point of Remembrance mode where it is not immediately clear how to proceed. This is rarely a huge problem; Usually, it is not only the players who know where to get the next progress flag, but these moments can be frustrating when trying to unlock. 13 Sentinels‘The whole cast.

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One of them 13 Sentinel: Aegis RimIts tactical puzzles do not involve time travel, dimension-hopping, or other science-fiction concepts. This is how to simply feed a stray cat.

Feeding the cat in the story of Yori Fuyusakar

The cat puzzle takes place near the 14% mark in Yori Fuyusakar’s story. In the scene, Yori is chatting with her friends Tommy Kisaragi and Miwako Sawatari, trying to figure out where to eat.

While this conversation is taking place, players will eventually notice a cat to the right of the screen, which will appear more than once. 13 Sentinels Story. If the player tries to approach it, the cat escapes and they have to wait for it to reappear.

The answer to this puzzle, surprisingly, lies in Tommy and Miwako’s snack conversation. When players talk to them, They will decide if they will all eat ice cream or crepe. Both have unique conversations and are especially worth watching Vanillaware Gurupak loves to draw food, But players have to choose crepes to move forward.

Miwako will clearly mention that he has cat food in his bag Crepe during conversation. It will Add “Cat Treats” to Iori’s thought cloud, 13 Sentinels‘List of important things.

With this in hand, players can go to the cat again. When Yori says “Oh!” And forcibly stops its movementThe player can Open her thinking cloud and select “Cat Treats.” Yori would walk over to Miwako and motion for him to use them. This will allow the girls to approach the cat and lead it to the next story-progressive flashback of the conversation while petting.

13 Sentinel: Aegis Rim Now available for PS4 and Switch.

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