5 Best VRChat worlds to see in 2022

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Discovering a new world on VRChat can take valuable time which you can use to meet new people, play games or hang out around. This is why we have compiled our choices for the world that all players should consider watching.

District Roboto

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This world is a combination of urban realism and science fiction, giving a different experience from the other worlds available on VRChat. Play as one of the many robot avatars available in this Chinese-inspired city and meet others around the world. The city itself is gorgeous and blends retro-futuristic touches with a neon style.

Black cat

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There is nothing like enjoying a smooth restaurant and bar. The name Black Cat certainly invites you to feel the vibrancy of visiting this world. Hang out quietly, mimic food and drink and enjoy some beautiful music on The Black Cat. It also has men’s and women’s bathrooms, if you need this for any reason.

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Dead Space VR

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If you ever want to play VR simulation of a sci-fi horror game on VRChat, Dead Space VR may be the best world for you to visit. While its quality is nowhere near that of a real Dead Space game, it is still a great entertainment for fans of the franchise who want to try the classic gameplay in VR format.

Automata flower

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A dark and quiet evening, bright fields of white flowers, and small outposts for sitting and relaxing are all elements that create the ultimate cozy atmosphere. Inspired by a specific locale of action-RPG games, NieR: Automata requires no knowledge of the game to enjoy the peaceful environment of the world. Relax here alone, chat with friends or meet new people in this beautiful world.

Big Al’s Avatar Corridor

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Players looking for something more weird and unique to explore should come to the Big Al’s Avatar corridor. Try out new avatars, meet other fun-loving viewers and play with newly adopted avatars in this space. There may not seem to be much to do in this world, but the amount of avatars and people you can meet give this world endless entertainment.

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