Apex Legends Mobile release date, release list, and first potentially exclusive character revealed

Now all eyes are Apex Legends‘ Season 13’s new Saviors Newcastle character, the new Battle Pass, and everything it brought with the latest update. Everything looks good so far, but it looks like fans can expect even more. Apex kindness this week. A recent report suggests that Apex Legends Mobile will release on May 17 with a roster of ten characters, plus a new character.

Previously, Respawn commented Apex Legends Mobile‘s release date during a developer panel. It confirmed that the mobile title would launch in May of this year, was built from the ground up for mobile, featured mobile-exclusive modes (and previously confirmed exclusive characters), and would feature 10 Legends at launch.


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In other words, it all lines up with this recent report by Tom Henderson. This should still be taken with a grain of salt, but Henderson has a credible track record, making this more likely than other street rumors. According to Henderson, Apex Legends Mobile releases on May 17 with the following characters:

  • Gibraltar
  • Caustic
  • Life line
  • bangalore
  • Mirage
  • pathfinder
  • Octane
  • Spectrum
  • bloodhound
  • fade

Fade would be the first Apex Legends Mobile unique character, and according to Henderson, he is called the Phasing Punisher. His kit gives him a speed boost at the end of a slide, the ability to flashback to a previous location via the Void, and his ultimate is called a phase chamber – which sends all Legends to the Void. His Kit sounds like a more aggressive version of Wraith.

Henderson did not provide a picture of Fade, but describes it in a very similar way to Apex Legends‘ Ghost. He is human though, and looks like a red and silver armored soldier with golden highlights. Some of the traits apparently tie into his void abilities, and his face is covered in a skull-like mask of red armor.

Henderson hopes that this new Apex Legends Mobile information coming straight from Respawn soon, as well as a dip into the past and gameplay of Fade. Ultimately, it will be interesting to see how fans of the base game react to Fade. While game modes and exclusive characters are good for mobile gaming, there have already been a few confirmed Apex Legends Mobile features fans wanted in the base game, and if a new character really shakes the meta, it makes sense that some fans would want it too.

Apex Legends Mobile will reportedly be released worldwide for Android and iOS devices on May 17th.

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