Best VTuber Software in 2022

There are so many options in the VTuber world and it seems to add up every time you look. We’ve compiled our favorite software programs for VTubers. We provide a variety of programs, whether it’s free character creation or high-quality streaming software.


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For aspiring VTubers who have not yet acquired all the tools related to VTubing, such as a VR headset, Wakaru is a great alternative. All you need to get started is to set up a mobile phone with a camera or a camera on your computer. Control for the face is still detected using the camera and you can control the body manually. The software is available for free on Steam.


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Lupet is one of the strongest software programs in the VTuber community. It has consistent functionality, constant updates and patches, as well as interesting design styles. You’ll need LeapMotion and a webcam to get started with this software, as well as pay at least $ 46 (depending on the current Japanese Yen conversion rate). While the need for payment may be insufficient for some, the high quality of service, as well as the range of features such as increased mobility make value valuable to many.

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This option is great for streamers or content creators who are interested in expressing themselves not only digitally but also artistically. This software is unique in that it does not even require a camera to run. Your VTuber character will continue to draw while your drawing tablet is attached, so it actually works out of range of a set of movements instead of tracking you. There’s a free trial, as well as a paid version that costs around $ 10

VRoid Studio

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VRoid is one of the most popular software programs on our list, and for good reason. VRoid is not a VTuber performing or streaming software, but a character builder. This makes it extremely versatile and gives you more control over representing yourself in different streaming software. The good news is, it’s completely free.


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Animaze is another VTuber character building software, much like VRoid. One area where it performs better than before is that it has a wider art style than just anime. There is a free version of Anime, but it comes with a watermark and limited customization options. There are multiple levels on top of the free option, with cheaper starting at 19.99 per year.

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