Can games have viruses? is a hosting website that allows game developers of all kinds to upload their content for their fans to enjoy. Developers can upload their games to the platform which is then scanned by the website moderators for viruses and other malware. Like many other websites, moderators cannot capture everything uploaded to the website. Therefore, it is important to be careful when downloading anything from, as you would any other website.

When you download something from a website, you may want to scan it for viruses or malware. You can do this by using the antivirus program that you are using on your PC.

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Is safe? Everything you should know

Long story short, yes, is a secure website from which you can download your games and game content. The website is home to many different promotions and sales over the years that are equally responsible for revenue for independent developers and fundraisers.

One of the fundraisers gave away about 1,000 games for 10 as part of a bundle for Ukraine.

Of course, companies can’t keep track of every line of code uploaded to the site, but they do a great job of keeping track of everything. They offer a reasonable return policy if you think you have been deceived and want your money back.

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