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Word spreads about a very early version of Duke Nukem Forever leaking online, and it has now been made available for download.

There was a time when 3D Realms/Apogee was part of an early movement in gaming that helped usher in the first-person genre, most notably with the 1996 release of Duke Nukem 3D. Sitting up there with the likes of Earthquake and Doom, this entry into the antics of the titular Duke is considered one of the best FPS games of its era, with its high-octane action, adult themes, and satire of super-masculine Hollywood. then there was Duke Nukem Foreverthat stopped the franchise in its tracks, but a very early version of the game has now gone public.


The last entry in Duke Nukem The series launched in 2011 and was considered a flop, largely because the game spent so much time in development that its themes aged and failed to match all the changes it went through. But for those interested, a 2001 version of the game has leaked and is now downloadable. According to a report from DSO Gaming, it shouldn’t see the light of day until next month, but perhaps the attention it was getting motivated leakers to release it sooner.

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Allegedly, Duke Nukem Forever in this state it is practically playable, with most of its features in place. While the final release became the game that derailed the beloved Duke Nukem franchise, this 21-year-old build will no doubt be intriguing to many. The images show a slightly darker view of 1996 Duke Nukem 3D follow. A series of videos on the download page demonstrate that it still has the action and skillful dialogue of the brawny hero that made previous entries such hits.

Some might even regret that this leaked version of Duke Nukem Forever it wasn’t the game that was released in 2011. Instead, the world got what Gearbox Software had improved on since acquiring the IP in 2010. It felt like the final product couldn’t live up to the long wait, not to mention the fact that the humor of the earlier chapters had aged badly. Some of the developers of Duke Nukem Forever have been pointing the finger, blaming each other for what was, ultimately, one of the worst games of its generation.

There might be a studio out there that can do Duke Nukem justice once more. With the huge success of Doom reboot, not to mention the continued success of the resident Evil series, it’s still possible that retro gaming will return or enjoy more time in this modern-day spotlight.

Duke Nukem 3D was released in 1996 for PC, with numerous ports over the years.

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Source: DSO Gaming, Archive.org

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