EA lists top unannounced IPs for 2023 release

EA tells investors it plans to bring some new titles to gamers in 2023, with one of them being an unannounced ‘major’ IP.

AND THE recently held a meeting with its investors, where the game publisher announced that between the months of January and April 2023, it will release four new games. In previous meetings with investors, EA was known to add and remove information for any purpose, such as in February of this year, when the company did not disclose its quarterly sales of Battleground 2042. However, EA has given a few more details about these upcoming titles to make them feel less like an empty promise.


So far, within its next four games of 2023, EA has said it will release a remake, a sports title, a partner title, and an unannounced big IP. For many fans, the remake game that EA is working on is pretty obvious and most gamers expect it to be the dead space restart. While dead space does not yet have a certain release date, it is expected to arrive in early 2023 and has recently released a new gameplay video.

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Some fans also guessed that the sports title could be the return of NCAA EA College Football. Although the publisher has its last FIFA games, go crazy 23and NHL 23 coming, these releases are slated for late 2022 rather than 2023, meaning any esports game EA is referencing in this investor call is currently unconfirmed. The partner title is where fans don’t have much of a clue, although the hunch is that the partner in question is from one of several studios EA publishes games for. In terms of the unannounced main IP, even less is known, but that hasn’t stopped the online community from theorizing.

There are some games that can come as EA’s main IP. There was no statement confirming that the game would not be a sequel, i.e. titles like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 could be in the works. Due to the success of the original Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderfans have been eagerly waiting for a sequel, with some disappointed that it wasn’t announced on May 4th of this year.

There are a few other games that may be in the works. One new Skate game is something fans of the franchise have been asking for a long time. How skating 3 launched in 2010, many believe that now may be the time to skating 4. In February of this year, the CEO of EA said that skating 4 would be released soon, which means it could very well be the main IP for the company.

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