Elden Ring – Golden Parry Ash Of War Location

There are many ways to fight Alden Ring. Players are free to fight from multiple angles, including spells, spells, different weapon types and even items to help them gain an edge over their enemies. Although the default for many players is to stay away from enemy attacks, there are some who prefer to stand tall in the face of danger, leaning outwards to prevent incoming strikes. Those who jump into battle in this style are also able to parry the enemy, which will cause an instant opening so that they can “protest” and hit their enemy in a critical attack.

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Unfortunately, this can be a bit daunting for beginners (and even for some executives). Fortunately, there’s a special Ash of War that can help players easily parry enemies by increasing their parry’s hitbox and range, as well as making it easier to land when fighting enemies. While this is still a “parry” and players need to make sure they have the right timing, the timing is a bit more forgiving than the traditional approach. Here’s how players can get their hands on a Golden Parry Alden Ring And that’s exactly what it does.

Where to find the Golden Parry in the Alden Ring

Fortunately, the Golden Parry is not very difficult to find and collect, but players have to make it to the Altas Plateau. This is a high-level area where many players cannot reach the middle of the game but if the players are willing to work and run away from powerful enemies along the way, it is possible to get there from the spawn. To do this, the scoundrels must first get their hands on two parts of the Dectus Medallion. From there they can take the Grand Lift of the Decatus to the Altas Plateau. There is an alternative route over a wide area but this requires players to fight the magma worm maker, a specially sword-wielding worm found at the top of the Ruin-Streun Prespis.

Once players enter the Altas Plateau, they will want to visit Grace’s Outer Wall Phantom Tree site. From there, they head north until they see a set of stairs to the right of Lendell, the Royal Capital. At the bottom of this staircase, on the left as you go up, players will see a teardrop scrab placed on the railing above. The players who kill this Scarab will be rewarded with the Golden Paris Ash of War. It is important to note that getting too close to this scarecrow will force it to flee and players will have to reset Grace’s site. For this reason, it is recommended to snip with a bow or magic.

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What does Golden Paris do?

Golden Paris makes it easy for players to land their small or medium shields in the Paris block with an Erdtree incantation. It will cost 4 FP each time players use the power, and activating it will emit a wide-arching golden wave of energy from the shield. This parity has a much bigger hitbox than the traditional one and players don’t really have to interact with the enemy to parry them. This means that players can parry enemy attacks in the range without letting them get too close. It is also possible to block multiple enemies due to the cone shape of the golden wave. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.

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