Endwalker launches on Korean servers with beautiful fan-drawn art

To mark the occasion of Endwalker’s release on the Korean servers, Final Fantasy 14 showcased impressive fanart by its talented community.

endwalker – the fourth expansion pack of final fantasy 14 – released in December of last year to critical and public acclaim, but it was not a global release. Unlike the international version of the game, the Chinese and Korean versions of final fantasy 14 are licensed to local companies that not only maintain the regional servers but also handle the task of localizing, dubbing, and even commissioning exclusive in-game items such as the Chinese-exclusive Lotus assembly.


To prepare for the launch of endwalkerSquare Enix has brought together talented artists from final fantasy 14 Korean community to submit their artwork to be displayed via a daily countdown on the game’s official Korean Twitter account. The expansion launched on May 10, featuring 14 pieces of art in various styles hand-picked by the Square Enix social media team.

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A Reddit user named MKillerby was kind enough to gather the images from Twitter and share them with the rest of the community. final fantasy 14 community. Featuring Gaia and Ryne drinking their tea beside a certain shoe toe, to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn walking alongside the spirits of the Warriors of Light of the First Reflection, to the new works of endwalker in Reaper and Sage, to the new locations in Sharlayan and Mare Lamentorum – the excitement for Korean players to finally step into the new expansion as they say goodbye to shadowbringers it’s easy to see.

Square Enix acknowledges that the situation for some of its players is far from ideal in terms of having to wait a few more months for content. While the company is not in a position to handle Chinese and Korean localizations internally due to legal restrictions, the developers are ensuring that players are at least adequately compensated with exclusive in-game content as part of their partnership with the location. company responsible for localization – which in the case of South Korea is ActozSoft.

While the game seems to be doing well on a global level, mods and third-party tools in final fantasy 14 have recently resurfaced as a topic of contention and controversy in the wake of Dragonsong’s Reprise. Game director Naoki Yoshida went so far as to condemn the practice of datamining, stating that it hampered the development team’s efforts and players’ enjoyment.

Ultimately, Square Enix’s stance remains the same as always: as long as players don’t publicly announce the use of mods in final fantasy 14they will not be punished for breaking the terms of the agreement.

final fantasy 14 is now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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