Fan Project combines Half-Life 2 with games like Max Payne and Hotline Miami

Half-Life 2 may be 18 at this point, but that’s not stopping the mod community, and this latest project combines the work of nine creators.

Although Half life is considered one of the most influential FPS games of all time, half life 2 was able to build on what made its predecessor so well received, showing that its developer had the chops to make a magnificent sequel. In fact, Valve was very successful from the start, and while it’s mostly known for its Steam platform these days, there was a time when it was a nearly unstoppable force in game development. Also, there are still people in the community making mods for the 2004 sequel, and some projects combine the efforts of many people.


According to a recent Twitter post from Run Think Shoot Live, a database that shows many Half life mods, an add-on called “CrossoverVille 2” has just been released that combines half life 2 with a number of other franchises and forms of media. As the name suggests, this is the second installment of such a project, and this is the work of nine independent developers, with some of the maps incorporating other video games.

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An example is “Jax Payne – Part 1” by ThatsRidonkulous, which, as many may have guessed, mixes the world of half life 2 with the tough and tough antics of Max Payne. There’s also “Hotline 17” by Duck, which references the high-octane, violent indie title. Miami hot line. The images on the download page show the kind of style some of the modders have opted for, and it looks like there are some interesting ideas that have been put into the project. Users can also vote on each map, with voting closing on May 31.

while the VR alyx game was well received by fans of the series, many still yearn for a true third Half life games. Sadly, with each passing year, it seems that this will never come to fruition. In addition, images of the canceled Ravenholm project that was being worked on by Arkane Studios came up recently. The dishonored and prey studio was on its way to making a full game set in the titular abandoned mining town of Half life universe, but unfortunately it was discarded.

Containing one of the best opening scenes in games, half life 2 it is considered a classic and a fitting continuation of Gordon Freeman’s capers. It must have been hard to keep up with the original version, but Valve proved it wasn’t just lightning in a bottle. It’s a shame that there’s unlikely to be a third official game, but fans can be content with the sheer amount of fan-made content out there.

half life 2 was released in 2004 and is available for mobile, PC, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360.

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Source: Run Think Shoot Live

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