Gwent’s first two seasonal voyages are back, with no time limits

As of 2020, the standalone version of the collectible card game Gwent has an equivalent battle pass called quests, which gave players three months to earn rewards, including avatars, animated borders, card backs, and skins, with the brightest available. only on a second reward. track you had to pay to unlock. Most of the quests were based on a character from The Witcher, with an original tale about them appearing chapter by chapter each week.

The quests gave players a reason to keep coming back to Gwent, with quests that encouraged them to experiment with different factions and decks. They were also controversial due to the brutal routine required to earn the best rewards before the next journey arrives. That changed starting with the May Gwent update, which brought back the first two quests, Geralt and Ciri, for an unlimited time. Some extra rewards have also been added: auras based on witcher signs for Geralt and trophies for Ciri.

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