Hollow Knight Silksong is still nowhere to be seen after the Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Wednesday saw the latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase presentation, showcasing a lineup of planned indie game releases through 2022 and beyond. The event saw the announcement of some exciting new indie games such as the one from Doinksoft gunbrellasurprises like the release of a demo for Nerial’s Shark Cardand updated launch windows for games, including Worship of the Lamb. What was absolutely not in today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase, unfortunately, was Hollow Knight: Song of Silk.


Hollow Knight: Song of Silk is, of course, Team Cherry’s highly anticipated Metroidvania action game. Initially announced in early 2019, Team Cherry has kept silent about Hollow Knight: Song of Silk‘s development in the years since. That didn’t stop the anticipation from rising higher and higher, however. fans of the original hollow knight continue to yearn Silkong news, hoping that each Nintendo event will bring you what they most want to see. Today was not that day.

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In fairness to Nintendo and Team Cherry, any expectation that Hollow Knight: Song of Silk would appear in today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase was presumptuous at best. Hollow Knight: Song of Silk is a great console exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. While Nintendo’s Indie World Showcases feature some excellent games, when Hollow Knight: Song of Silk re-premiere will not be during a small event revealed less than 24 hours before it airs. Nintendo will give the platform that Team Cherry won.

While there may be no official word on when Team Cherry will share more information about Hollow Knight: Song of Silk, there will be several opportunities in the relatively near future. E3 may be canceled for 2022, but June will feature several major gaming shows as part of Summer Game Fest. Gamescom is in August and is expected to be a big event. Then, in December, there will be The Game Awards 2022, which Nintendo has used for big announcements in the past.

There’s always a chance that Team Cherry simply needs more time, of course. the success of hollow knight cannot be underestimated. This kind of success means that Team Cherry has had ample opportunity to grow as a studio and increase its ambition to hollow knightthe continuation of as well.

It is important to remember that Hollow Knight: Song of Silk was originally DLC, an extended Kickstarter goal to add a second character. The development time required for a full sequel versus a more straightforward expansion is very different in scale. Team Cherry will bring back Hollow Knight: Song of Silkif that’s still the name of the project, when it’s ready and not a day before.

Hollow Knight: Song of Silk is in development for PC and Switch.

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