How to catch Chub in Stardew Valley

The stubble of the Stardew Valley is the smallest species of fish in the game. No one wants it as a gift and it is only useful for the Field Research Bundle at the Community Center. After a certain point, they take up more space than anything else, which means they can be very easy to find.

Where to find Chaab in Stardew Valley

You can find chubs in the Cindersap Forest River or Mountain Lake. This is one of the few fish you can catch at any time of the year, which is why they are so cheap. You can see where you should fish in the map below. We marked it with blue and dark red circles.

Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

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If you don’t want to shop for them, you can buy them from Krubus at his store or in a traveling cart. They cost 200 grams at the Crowbas store or 150-100 grams in a traveling cart. In addition, you can find one in the Trash, but it’s mostly random, and if someone catches you, they won’t be happy.

We recommend fishing for them because they are easy to catch, but you can go for sunfish or high quality fish if you can.

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