How to fix Valorant voice chat not working error

In a competitive game like Valerant, proper tactical communication is the key to consistently winning matches. But, sometimes, due to some client or server-side error, your Valorant voice chat system is partially working or not working at all. In such cases, you can fix your Valerant Voice Chat system by implementing any update solution. Audio driverThe adjustment is yours Audio consoleOr your customized Audio settings.

Valorant voice chat is not working solution to fix the error

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  • Updating audio driver: Although it may sound basic, the most common solution to voice chat errors is to update your audio driver. Download the corresponding driver for your audio card from the official website.
  • Adjusting audio console: Open your audio console for your audio card and check all input and output ports. If you see your input port being blocked or turned off, turn it on using console software. Check your mic and see if it works.
  • Voice channel: Make sure you are on the right voice channel, such as Team Voice Channel or Party Voice Channel. Use corresponding buttons to talk between them.
  • Customize your audio settings: Go to your Valorant settings and navigate to the audio section. See if your input device is properly selected. Also, if you use a sound filter, try to increase the sensitivity threshold of your mic. RTX audio.
  • Inspect your mic: Make sure there is no physical damage to your mic by cutting wires or dust.

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