How To Get To The Isle of Quel’Danas

The MMORPG community prefers more content, even if it is actually a game content older than 15 years. It explains the latest live and incoming news currently for both Blizzard expansion and patches versions. World of Warcraft.

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Classic wow In the world of MMOs, it continued to thrive when it was igniting a trail, which means the recent patch that stretches the story to Qualcomm Island is now live. Getting to the island is not as easy or intuitive as most players think, even those who play the original game may need a quick refresher course.

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Although Quel’Danas is an island that looks far from the north coast of the eastern state, it is impossible to run or swim in the area from Silvermoon City. The island is only accessible via portal or flight plan, and there is no direct portal before the initial supply chain searches are completed.

Start in Shatrath City

Adal Shatarath

Before going anywhere, every player has to talk to a Drainy NPC named General Tirasalan in Shatrath, the capital of Outland. He is seen standing next to A’dal, the big Naru floating in the middle of the city, in the same interior where the badge seller and the quartermaster of Shater are.

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Not everyone can travel to this new place. The Island of Quail’danas is endgame content, meaning quests and access points are only available for level 70 characters, although some flight plans are available from level 65. Once Shatrath’s quest is accepted, players must move to another NPC on the island to complete it.

Quel’Danas access

Before embarking on this latest adventure in the land of Azareth, a character has to meet certain requirements and depend on which path they will take.

  • Neutral route. There is a portal directly from Shatrath that leads to Sunwell Offensive which can be used by both Horde and Alliance players. However, this portal is not opened until the island is restored by the collaborative efforts of both the parties and not everyone can start their journey in the city of Shatrath.
  • Alliance. The flight paths available to Alliance players are either from Ironforge or Light’s Hope’s neutral settlement. The trip from Ironforge teleports players directly to the edge of the island to avoid a slightly shorter, longer trip.
  • Horde. There are benefits to being friends with Blood Elves. Hord players can teleport directly from Shatrath to Silvermoon, and the flight master there will automatically have new flight paths available on the island. If they are at Old Azerot, opposite Outland, the Arb of Translocation takes the players straight to Silvermoon in the wreckage of Lordron.

Alliance route

Alliance players can take portals from Silvermoon to Ironforge, Darnassus, or Stormwind City, but only Ironforge automatically connects to the flight path that leads to Quel-Danas. Geographers understand that this is still a long way off, so teleportation is confusing.

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Another option available to Alliance players is the Flight Plan at Lights Hope, a settlement founded by Argent Dawn in the Eastern Plagland. A Horde and Alliance Flight Master are both available here, and the Alliance offers a quail’danas passage.

The Howard Route

With the nearby hord-friendly town of Silvermoon, this trip is short and easy enough for other groups, especially the Forsaken. Of course, the undercity of Lady Sylvanas will have direct transportation from her current throne room to her former city, which is why there is a simple translocation Arab in part to the outer ruins.

The Arab takes the players to a final chamber at the back of the throne room, opposite the Shatarath portal which places the players in a small room in front of the throne room. From there a short run to the Flight Master outside the front door and a straight line to Koel’danas.

Reaching the island

The Shatrathe Quest players end here with an NPC on a boat called the Arkmez Ne’thul. Note the seller standing next to him who exchanges level sets for tokens found in a nearby black hole.

After completing this quest, players will be able to receive other searches from nearby NPCs representing isolated sun attacks. These include the usual types of daily grind quests to increase the level of fame and team rewards, and a few searches related to nearby new dungeons.

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