How to put wheels on cars in Teardown

One of the most bizarre challenges that players face in teardown is destroying or driving vehicles on nearby waterways. The thing is, these cars have to have wheels to be able to swim first. While players may not literally replace tires, there are alternative ways to get a car into the water.

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Ways to drown a car in a teardown

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As an alternative to driving on water, if the vehicle does not have wheels and no alarm, such as a white car during a car wash mission, players can use other large vehicles to lift it. Specifically, during this mission, players can use the dump truck on the property to lift and pull the wheelless vehicle. Players only need to unload the dump truck where the car is in the garage and use the elevator where the car is. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true love of the dump truck comes in!

It may take a few attempts and some finagling to get it out of the building. Players may even have to edit the garage walls to get it out. Either way, once it’s out of the walls and fence, players can run it in the water. This is incredibly useful, especially for cars with alarm boxes because throwing them into the water will not stop them.

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