How to share a deck code in the chat in Hearthstone

Every player at Hearthstone has a favorite deck, but sometimes, friends want to know in detail which deck you are using. Instead of a long and tedious process, Hearthstone deck makes sharing code easy. This is a long one, so be sure to follow our guidelines as closely as possible

How to share decks with Hearthstone’s friends

To share your deck code, follow these steps:

  • Go My collection
  • Click on the deck you want to share until it accesses the deck maker.
  • Rotate your mouse over the deck photo
  • Click Copy
  • Move your mouse to the bottom left of the screen to access it Friend list.
  • Click on the icon and then click Friend You want to share the deck with.
  • The game will ask you if you are sure you want to share this deck.
  • The deck will be divided into hero type and deck name.

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You need to click on the message you sent to your friend to copy the deck. From there, they can click New deck Inside My collection And paste the deck code in the prompt that appears. It’s an easy way for friends to copy each other’s decks and see which one works best

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