How to unlock the upside-down Teleport Waypoint in The Chasm Underground Mine in Genshin Impact

Chasm’s underground mines range in mystery from the long-lost mystery of the fallen Khenriyah to the existence of the Ozing Concrete. One of the biggest highlights of the area is the inverted-down teleport webpage that won’t appear on the world map until you unlock it.

This guide will guide you through how to find and unlock the reverse teleport waypoint. Remember that you need to start The Chassum Splendor to gain access to the underground mines.

Where to find the upside-down teleport waypoint in Genshin Impact

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Go to the circled area in the picture above. To get there, start at the Teleport Waypoint in Stony Hall and head upstairs. You can also follow the request of Ewing Depths Archon Quest (The Grave of the Guarded), which will take you to the same location.

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How to activate upside-down teleport waypoint in Genshin Impact

Screenshot of Pro Game Guide

After visiting the location mentioned above, you will find yourself in a clearing with an inverted-down teleport waypoint. Climb Pillar next to the teleport waypoint Unless you are touching the ceiling. This will allow you to interact with Teleport Waypoint to unlock it. Consider using a longer letter so that they reach the top.

Alternatively, you can create a wind current using the Wind Catcher gadget or Venti’s elemental skill that can propel you high enough to reach the teleport waypoint.

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