Is Clash of Clans Shutting Down in 2022?

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games developed by Supercell. This free-to-play online multiplayer title has been entertaining fans for many years, but there are rumors that Clash of Clans will be discontinued in 2022. It may make you wonder if these rumors are true.

The answer is no.Clash of Clans is not closing in 2022. Done No official word From Supercell, so any rumor about game-ending is just a rumor. Until something comes from the developer, you should not believe that Clash of Clans is coming to an end. We recommend following Clash of Clans And Supersell Twitter to stay up to date.

That being said, some older devices will not be able to run Clash of Clans because it keeps getting updates. But most smartphones can run mobile headlines, so as long as you have a phone running an operating system, Android 6.0 or iOS 12, you should be fine.

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When is Clash of Clans created?

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Clash of Clans was originally released on iOS devices August 2012, Then released in October 2013 on Android devices. Since its initial release, the title has added a variety of content and received many updates to extend its lifespan. In 2022, there seems to be no end to the Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans player base number

The number of players in Supersell Clash of Clans is no longer publicly shared and has not since 2016. But the last number shared by Supersell showed the total 55 million players. Since then, others have adopted other methods for determining the Clash of Clans player base, but these can only be guessed because the developer does not provide an official number.

While Clash of Clans may not have the current number of players, it is impressive to have 55 million players four years after the launch. If you are interested in checking out Clash of Clans, now is the perfect time.

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