LoL Wild Rift Fiora build guide – Best runes, skills, combos, & items

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Fiora is known as the queen of dullists in the League of Legends. His unique ability makes him a powerful enemy to face in 1v1 situations. Although not as strong in the opening game, Fiora can destroy the opponent from the middle of the game to the end. As a result, he is one of the most preferred picks in the High Elo match-up.

Fiora poses a high skill curve for new players. Since he is weak in the early game, it is better to push the tortoises in the leaning phase to acquire gold and buy items. However, even with the best items, Fiora can be left to bite the dust if its capacity is not determined to perfection. Therefore, it is important to know every part of his kit.

Fiora’s skills

Passive: Dulist’s dance

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Fiora reveals Vital On his enemies. These are pointed at the enemy champion with a golden glow. Essentially hitting the enemy involves a percentage of the enemy’s maximum health The real loss, Heals Fiora, and speeds up her bonus movement for a few seconds. To do the most damage, always keep an eye on the enemy’s vitals and always try to hit them!

Power 1: Lange

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Fiora sniffs and damages nearby enemies. Lunge gives priority Vital And enemies will kill it. If you hit the enemy with a lunge, the money will be returned 80% Its a cooldown, so be sure to always hit the enemy champion, minion or monster to get a quick cooldown.

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Power 2: Response

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Fiora paralyzes all incoming damage and debacle for less than a second, then slashes at the target to deal with Loss of magic Which slows down the enemy’s movement and attack 50% For 1.5 seconds. If the parade attack has a stabilizing power, he will Hang on The enemy slows them down instead. Always keep an eye on the ability to parry it in time, to stop the enemies.

Power 3: Bladework

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Fiora improved with his next two basic attacks Bonus attack speed. The first blow will slow down the enemies, and the second blow will always be Strike critically For further damage. He can hit turrets critically to deal further damage.

Final: Grand Challenge

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Fiora will challenge an enemy champion, revealing all four Vital Accelerate the bonus movement for a few seconds and while they are around. In a matter of seconds, hit four vitals or summon a field around the target to kill the enemy. Healing Fiora and her associates. The duration of this field area will be longer depending on how many critical injuries you have inflicted.

Best Fiora Skill Combo

Power 1 (Lunge)> Power 3 (Bladework)> Power 2 (Repost)

This combo works in almost any situation. Always try to hit the vital. Move quickly with the lunge, then follow it with the bladework to hit the enemy twice in a short time. Use reposts to block any attack by enemies and slow them down as a result.

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Makes the best Fiora items

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Start the match by buying Long sword The base item will consist of the original build for Fiora Trinity Tell me, Blades of destroyed relativesg, and Halbreaker. After the original item, build The dance of death For more sustainable, and Sterk’s gauge For extra health. As for boots, construction Plated SteelcapsAnd then buy Ionian protobelt Fascinated for an extra dash.

Best Runes for Fiora

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Best spell for Fiora

  • Flash: There must be a spell for Fiora, as it can be combined with its power 1 (lunge) to get a huge dash in motion.
  • Barrier: Since Fiora is not as strong in the opening game, the obstacle could potentially be a life saver in the early game gangs. If aggression is your style, change the barrier with it To burn Spell

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