Mojang removes Fireflies from the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update, for realism

If you’ve been waiting for the bright light of Firefly in the Minecraft Patch 1.19, Wild update, there’s some bad news. Mozang confirmed yesterday (May 10) that Firefly 1.19 will not be included in the update. In an Ask Mozang video, “What happened to the fireflies and the birch forest?” The answer to the question. Is given.

In the video, producer Anna Lundgren explains that in the real world, fireflies are poisonous to frogs and toads and will not be included as a result. He went on to explain that it was brought to their attention by the reaction of the players. From now on, frogs will also eat small glass.

However, fans have reacted with frustration to the removal. And the developer has been given a rather obvious solution: add fireflies but don’t let frogs eat them. Lundgren has confirmed that this is not a definitive end to Fireflies, but they will not be included in the Wild Update.

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Fireflies were first launched alongside Frogs in a preview of the Wild Update as part of the 2021 Minecraft Live event. But as of yesterday, their removal has reduced the number of additions included in the Wild Update. The video further confirms that the 1.19 Wild update will not delay or include some more elements, such as bundle, mud, goat horn and birch forest changes.

Lundgren further clarified that the changes in Birch Forest were merely an art of concept and not a promise to add the feature and they did not continue to work on an update for Biome. Overall, the Ask Mozang video gave some interesting updates, but the news about Firefly will be a shock to many Minecraft fans.

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